PERSON1.00_ENCODED is a 4-channel video installation, questioning individual identity and view of nature in post-digital societies.

It incorporates and compares the replication and repetition in body discipline (by introducing radio gymnastic, a daily routine in Asian schools) and machine learning (by using tools of human pose estimation, which has been widely applied in the social surveillance system of China), trying to continue the aesthetic idea of glitch art as a methodology and resistance against the intrusion of these compilations in everyday life.

With emerged loss through the process of compiling, the disciplined avatar inside of the cube resists passively in the gap between human and machine, virtuality and reality, while data’s being presented to the material world as a spectacle.
#Artificial Intelligence #Mixed Reality #Animation #Video Installation

OVERLOADING/OVERLOADED: TOUCH ME SOFTLY is an interactive installation for Ars Electronica 2019 - Media Façade program.
The Ars Electronica Center itself is being expanded to include touch-sensitive sensors which will be transformed into an interactive installation. The sensor-point placed on the façade by the entrance of the building invites visitors to touch, caress, scratch, strike and hit the building. Touch, in turn, creates wave animations that spread across the building. Overloading the sensors (eg. hard knocking) causes the whole façade to crash.

#Interface #Light #Generative #Interactive Installation

is a fictional character created by Yue Wang based on her own appearance. A perfect circle is neither avatar nor artificial intelligence. she is an aboriginal inhabitant born in digital space (in a narrative way), observing the physical world through the webcam. Since her special relationship with Yue, she is especially close to human beings. But due to the visual and cognitional limits (can only see circles), she can't recognize facial features in a human way. Regardless of her face blindness, she is also an artist, recently studying portrait painting. She is eager to communicate and exchange her artistic experience with human beings, therefore entrusted Yue to visualize her creation through coding, which is considered as a starting point of her artistic career.

#Generative #Interactive

SHANZHAI 山寨 is a collaboration with Pascal Dreier, Duoni Liu and Leh-Qiao Liao during the recidency at European Academy for Music and Performing Arts, Montepulciano. In this video, our work starts from 10:38.
#Animation #Video #Audiovisual

CLOSER is a fluid facade, an invader in the retreating.  It keeps marching to the unreachable end / Asymptote through a strategic self-marginalization, leads everything onto finite limit at infinity. 

This work consists of 4 speakers arranged in an empty room, whispering, making conversations with each other in artificial voices. Each of them can be heard but in a volume as low as people can hardly ever recognise the content. The whole room is under surveillance by a camera on the ceiling, which captures the moving path of the audience. When people subconsciously step closer to the sound source to obtain information, the sound will fall back, regenerating in another place. 

In this infinite cycle of escape-regeneration, informations are constantly transmitted between the objects. Text falls into a deadlock of nothingness for the inaccessibility of itself. At the same time, flowing voices and moving listeners in a way come to synchronisation, a seemingly static state in relation to each other. While they intervene, people in the room are ignored as a part of the ongoing transmission in this space, and therefore disqualified as the “Eye of Providence”, i.e. the observer. This sort of ignorance may be like “The eternal silence of these infinite spaces” Blaise Pascal faced, which people consider as anti-anthropocentric. However, paradoxically, since it is defined as anti-anthropocentric, the “defining” itself, as an action, has already put human in the centre of everything. It is intentionally plugged into the interactive process by the artist and has to be interpreted by people’s subjective experiences. And the pursuit of rationality may hides the fact, that people, as the dominant one in this chasing game, have never stepped out of the circle of self-isolation and self-interpretation.

“Closer” is a space, a no man’s land between analog bodies and digital objects. You are free to leave, to stay put and listen to the wordless rhythm, or even to hack into this empty maze.


#Interactive Installation #Sound #Surveillance


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