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Yve Oh, born in 1994 in the eastern Asian Wu-speaking region Huzhou, studied audio engineering, sound art, and film in Shanghai. Since 2016 she has been an MFA student in Media and Fine Art at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Recently she has been working on her thesis project about the global rosewood trade.

I am passionate about exploring the ways we access our memories, about mechanisms of developing empathy, and how meaningful artistic spaces unfold through the mediums of sound, video, extended reality, and interface.

As a way of resisting official narratives imposed upon Chinese and global Sinophone communities, my work has always focused on the subjectivity of marginalized individuals, exploring aspects of disobedience in the space between speculation and reality.

In my recent research, I have been thinking about cross-species intersectionality in terms of colonial reproduction of deforestation in the Global South, examining and deconstructing the depictions of human-ecological relationships in contemporary everyday life and traditional cultures.